Dean and Katie Whybrow moved to Lower Wilbury Farm in September 2015 with their two children William and Charlie. Since then, the farm shop has grown and grown to what it is now.

Dean and Katie pride their selves on the fact that the Beef, Lamb and Pork is raised on the family farm. The Beef is all grass-fed native breeds, mostly Traditional Hereford which is the main herd, but also Dexter, Red Poll and Beef Shorthorn.

The cattle are raised as organically as possible and spend the summer months grazing a 100-acre ring fenced wild flower meadow surrounded by woodland.

The pigs are mainly rare breed and the sows live in the wood with Brian the boar and come up to the courtyard to have their piglets for you all to see.

The sheep are a mixed flock of breeds which include Kerry Hills, North Country Mules, Cheviots, Manx Loaghtan and Norfolk Horn Sheep.
They are all grass fed and slowly matured to maximise flavour and farmed as organically as possible with the highest of welfare standards.

The Team

We are a family run farm

Supplying rare breed meat and fresh vegetables.

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