Christmas at Lower Wilbury Farm

Our Free Range Turkeys have a delicious, rich and full flavour.

Our Lower Wilbury Farm turkeys are exceptionally good value whilst having very high animal welfare standards. All turkeys are oven-ready. If you don’t fancy turkey, we have goose, chicken, beef, pork and lamb available.

Please fill in the order form and send it across. In the extra’s box at the end, please comment on how big a joint etc you require. You will receive a confirmation email (please allow up to 72 hours for this). Please also use the link to put a £20 deposit down. If no deposit is received within 72 hours, your order will not be put in the order book.

Christmas at Lower Wilbury Farm

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  • Please Note there will be a large fresh selection of Veg and cheese everyday. The counters will also be filled with Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Chicken and sausages.
Free Range Whole Turkeys
4.9kg and Under£59

Free Range Turkeys Boned and Rolled Stuffed with sausage meat and wrapped in bacon

Choose from Smoked or Unsmoked Bacon

Feeds upto 4 Adults 
Feed upto 8 Adults
Feeds upto 12 Adults
3 kg£68
4 kg£76
5 kg£85
6 kg£99
Free Range Local Geese4 – 6 kg£17.00 /kg
Free Range Corn Fed Chicken2-4 kg£7.95 /kg
F/R Cockerels 3-5 kg£10.50 /kg
Free Range Duck 2 kg Aprox£10.00 /kg
Rare Breed Pork Leg£8.45 kg
Rare Breed shoulder of Pork£9.45 kg
Grass fed Hereford Rib of Beef£19.50 kg
Grass Fed Hereford Joint of Beef£15.00 kg
Grass Fed Boned and Rolled Sirloin Joint£30.0 kg
Grass Fed Boned and Rolled Ribeye Joint£30.00 kg
Grass Fed Fillet of Beef£49.50 kg
Smoked Gammon Joint£12.5 kg
Unsmoked Gammon Joint£11.50 kg
Streaky Bacon Smoked£14.50 kg
Streaky Bacon Unsmoked £13.25 kg
Chipolatas£13.85 kg
Sausage Meat£4.50 Tube
Christmas at Lower Wilbury Farm

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